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Replacement for Playstation 3 held off

Sony have said that they aren’t planning to showcase a new console at this years E3 videogame trade show, many people had hoped that Sony would be announcing the successor to the Playstation 3.

Kaz Hirai, who is in charge of the videogame and consumer electronics business said that the Playstation 3 was always meant to have a 10 year cycle and as it was introduced in 2006, there are several years yet before it will be replaced.

The E3 trade show, scheduled for Los Angeles in June is a popular event which videogame console makers use as a launching pad for new products. New consoles are generally announced every five years so the hopes were high that Sony might have something prepared for this years event.

A focus for Sony this year: The Vita handheld console

Sony say that the Playstation 3 is still selling well worldwide and tops the charts in 100 countries. They are focusing all their efforts on the upcoming Vita handheld console which should hit the U.S. retail market at the end of February this year. Sales in Asia so far are promising, with over 500,000 units sold, exceeding expectations.

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