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Amazon looking to enter restaurant food delivery business next

Amazon may be looking to expand its grocery delivery service beyond raw ingredients, with new job listings appearing for restaurant division staff in the Seattle and New York areas. It's not clear if Amazon is looking to open its own restaurant/take away outlets, or merely delivering food put together by others, akin to other firms like Just-Eat.

It seems like there could be the potential for both however. As Reuters points out, there are 15 employee positions opening up in the Amazon Restaurant division, but six other job openings elsewhere for “Amazon Restaurants and Travel,” positions. If the latter is the delivery side of things, perhaps the former is to do with actual food preparation, though they could potentially be administrative roles.


Some positions are related to cultivating relationships with existing restaurants, so Amazon is looking to deliver food, the question just remains whether it plans to make any of it itself. Considering how many pies the retail giant has its fingers in, another one related to food really wouldn't be surprising.

Chances are if it does too, that service will be rolled into its Prime subscription platform, which is expected to be around 40 million strong worldwide. Traditionally services are trialled in certain U.S. cities before being rolled out elsewhere, so that may be what's happening here.

That's already happening with the Amazon grocery deliveries which now offer booze drop-offs within the hour for Prime members.

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KitGuru Says: Even though a company like Amazon brings a lot of weight – financial and otherwise – to any industry it enters, the food delivery one has been operating for decades in some guise or another and is full of app based, online ordering innovation. It will be interesting to see if Amazon can truly offer anything unique to the marketplace. 

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