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Corsair buys Raptor Gaming

Memory and PSU manufacturer Corsair, has bought out peripheral maker, Raptor Gaming, with intentions to continue the brand alongside Corsair’s own products, including the Vengeance range (some of which we liked a lot) which includes the same sort of kit that Raptor is known for: mice, keyboards etc.

“Corsair and Raptor share the same goal, bringing best-in-class PC hardware to gamers around the world,” said Andy Paul, President and CEO of Corsair. “Raptor Gaming’s strong retail presence will allow us to offer a wider range of PC hardware to gamers across Germany.”

Corsair Raptor Gaming
Ah, young love

Raptor couldn’t leave Corsair as the only one getting front and centre to comment, so Dirk Shunk, current CEO at Raptor took the stand: “As gamers ourselves, we formed the Raptor Gaming business to create high-performance PC gear to give gamers the absolute best gaming experience. Corsair’s strong global brand and worldwide distribution will open up Raptor Gaming products to a wider audience of gamers around the world.”

While both parties are understandably pleased with the move, the Raptor catalogue of products doesn’t add that much to Corsairs comparatively vast lineup. It could be simply that Corsair wants to expand into peripherals more and Raptor offered a simple and viable way to do that, but it could also be a move to pickup patents for certain technologies. It’s difficult to tell at this point, but what Corsair does with its new purchase in the next year or so will give us a good clue.

Kitguru Says: Either way, Raptor’s lineup of mechanical keyboards will nicely bolster Corsair’s current offerings in the Vengeance range. Not sure if I’d say the same for its gaming mice though.

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