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Booth Babes at Gamescom 2012

With 11 massive halls full of product vying for a gamer’s attention, you have to forgive the publishers from pressing the simple marketing buttons. The one that they learn to press earliest and hardest is shiny, red and it aims to deliver instant satisfaction. KitGuru takes time off from game demos to give you a quick overview of the booth babes at GamesCom 2012.

The following selection had not been brought together in any particular order, it’s simply the way the shutter snaps that means we lead in with the Konami girls from Pro Evolution Soccer (PES 2013)

Taking time out from his regular duties, Andrew from Tt eSports is over at GamesCom to keep his eye on the new talent… ed pro gamers. One of our operatives managed to snap him in a moment of grief and sorrow while exchanging details with a young lady from the Square Enix Final Fantasy team.

What’s that Andrew? You’d be prepared to let her play in any position? See, that’s why Andrew’s such a successful eSports captain – he’s always making sure his players come first.

Having checked carefully, we can’t believe that there is any evil resident in these ladies – despite what their t-shirts proclaim. Just to be on the safe side, our operative shot two more Resident Evil-wearing wimmin to make sure …

OK ladies, that’s it. We’re from the Advertising Standards Authority and we don’t believe the the message on your shirts is legal, decent and honest. We believe you to be of pure spirit, not Resident Evil. Therefore, we’re forced to confiscate your shirts until further notice, so hand ’em over.

OK, these professional ladies are not strictly working on a booth, but they scored very high on the babe scale and were handing out massages all day long for voluntary contributions. Our operative volunteered to contribute his entire collection of pretzel labels, but apparently they prefer Euros.

Kitguru says: More to come from Gamescom.

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