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Sapphire HD7950 Vapor-X Edition Review

Rating: 9.0.

Last month we reviewed the latest flagship GPU from Sapphire, the incredible HD7970 6GB Toxic Edition. The 7970 Toxic managed to get the enthusiast audience salivating, although most simply couldn’t afford the bank breaking asking price. In an attempt to rectify this today we are looking at the brand new HD7950 Vapor X card – another pimped out, heavily modified solution from the company, but targeted at a more affordable price point. Our sample was one of the first from the factory, before even the retail boxes were printed.

AMD’s HD7950 has enjoyed success this year, targeting the high end gamer who wants to play the latest Direct X 11 titles with all the eye candy maxed at full high definition resolutions.

Previous testing has highlighted that when overclocked, the HD7950 can nearly compete against the more expensive HD7970. Priced between £240 and £290, it has hit the sweet spot for high performance gaming throughout 2012.

Can Sapphire once again lead the way with their heavily customised HD7950 Vapor X solution?

Product AMD HD7970 GHZ Ed
Sapphire HD7950 Vapor-X Edition
AMD HD7950
AMD HD7870 AMD HD7850
Core Clock speed 1050mhz 850mhz-950mhz
1000mhz 860mhz
Transistors 4.31 billion 4.31 billion 2.8 billion 2.8 billion
Stream Processors 2,048 1,792 1,280 1,024
Compute Performance 3.79 TFLOPS 2.87 TFLOPS 2.56 TFLOPS 1.76 TFLOPS
Texture Units 128 112 80 64
Texture Fillrate 134.4 GT/s 89.6 GT/s 80 GT/s 55.0 GT/s
ROPs 32 32 32 32
Pixel Fillrate 33.6 GP/s 25.6 GP/s 32.0 GP/s 27.52 GP/s
Z/Stencil 128 128 128 128
Memory Clock 1,500mhz
1,250mhz 1,200mhz 1,200mhz
Memory Data Rate 6 GBps 5.0 Gbps 4.8 Gbps 4.8 Gbps
Memory Bandwidth 288 GB/s 240 GB/s 153.6 GB/s 153.6 GB/s

Sapphire have enhanced this card by offering a dual bios, with the secondary core overclock boost speed set to 950mhz. The remainder of the specifications are the same as the reference card.

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