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Sapphire HD7950 Vapor-X Edition Review

To overclock today we are using the latest version of Sapphire’s TriXX software tool.

There is a huge amount of headroom on our review sample. We managed to push the core clock speed to a staggering 1,158mhz, translating to a 21.9% overclock. The GDDR5 memory could be pushed very high, from 1,250mhz (5Gbps effective) to 1,483mhz (5.92Gbps effective) – translating to a 18.6% increase. We achieved this by increasing the board power Li to ’11’.

This incredible overclock helped to drive the final score to 9,209 points. To put this into perspective, this is only slightly behind the Sapphire HD7970 6GB Toxic Edition when set to the slower bios setting (9236 points). We can’t guarantee that all of the HD7950 Vapor X boards will hit the same heights, but there is clearly some headroom available with the design.

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