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Crytek Warface @ Gamescom

Without doubt, one of the most resource hungry games of all time was Crysis. At launch, it would bring even the most powerful machines to their knees at high resolution/image quality. How strange that the company responsible for such a behemoth would bring its expertise to an online game, but that’s exactly what the chaps and chapesses at Crytek have done.

The online component is delivered by GFace and you’ll need an account to get up and running with your mates. Needing more info on Warface, we decided to make friends with the head of the Warface Cmmunity for GFace, the wonderfully gorgeous Bo Marit.

We asked Bo about Warface, for example who would we be as a character and what would that allow in terms of gameplay.

“You can choose to play as one of four different types of soldier, fighting on the frontline and your options include Rifleman, Medic, Sniper or Engineer – but you can swap roles at any time to transform your experience on the battlefield”, she explained. “As well as mastering the specific inventory of your chosen class, you’ll discover that every weapon in Warface can be customized to dramatically alter its capabilities and suit your playing style”.

But you don’t play alone?

“The best part of the game is the community and interaction”, said Bo. “Battle can lonely, so you’d be wise to keep your friends close as you fight to keep your enemies at bay. Warface encourages teamwork with special co-op moves that might just give you the upper hand when the going gets tough. If you do find yourself separated from the pack, though, solo techniques like sliding under low barriers and utilizing moveable objects for cover could help you become a super hero all by lonesome”.

Kitguru says: Bo told us that the game would be available for general release in Q3 and we’re looking forward to it.

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