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CryEngine is holding back TimeSplitters Rewind

TimeSplitters Rewind has had a long and tough road of development, with the voluntary team revealing that they are currently at an impasse where hard choices need to be made. Progress on the game has halted and while the team are waiting for Crytek to update its engine, there might …

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Crytek to shutter five of its seven studios


Following news that months have gone by without many of Crytek’s employees being paid at all, the long-time video game company has now announced that it is closing five of its seven studios. While Frankfurt and Kiev-based studios will remain, those in Hungary, Bulgaria, South Korea, China and Turkey will …

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Crytek launches CryEngine V with new business model

CryEngine has proven to be one of the more impressive graphical engines since its debut with version 1. Now today, Crytek is launching CryEngine V and has also announced a change in business model, allowing developers wanting to use the engine to ‘pay what they want’. “CRYENGINE V launches today …

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Crytek has another VR game in the works: The Climb

Crytek’s announcement that it was turning its Return to Dinosaur Island prototype demo into a full-game, virtual reality experience for the PS4 and perhaps other platforms later on was exciting news, but it’s not the developer’s only VR production that’s in the works. It’s also working on a game that …

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Crytek produces best looking VR demo yet

“Can it run Crysis?” That was the question many a PC gamer asked of his rig-building friend not too many years ago and though the developer Crytek hasn’t produced anything quite so system breaking since, it’s always been at the forefront of pretty game making. Which is why it’s no …

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Crytek wants to develop virtual reality games

Crytek, the studio behind Crysis, the original Far Cry and the CryEngine, is looking to start developing for virtual reality, hoping to one day deliver a “fully-fleshed VR experience”. The developer is currently experimenting with virtual reality and has some future plans in place. During an interview with Gamespot, Crytek …

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Ryse gets fidelity boost on PC

Ryse: Son of Rome, originally an Xbox One exclusive, caused developer Crytek a lot of problems, as despite being a beautiful rendering of what new-gen games could look like, its gameplay was lacklustre, with quick time events galore and repetitive combat. However now in an effort to recoup a little …

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