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Crytek is overhauling Hunt: Showdown with the latest CryEngine tech

It has been around six months since Crytek first announced plans to overhaul Hunt: Showdown with the latest version of its CryEngine technology. Now, we finally have an update, with the big engine upgrade set to arrive in August. 

Hunt: Showdown has always been a great looking game, especially on PC, thanks to Crytek's impressive engine. Now, it is set to look even better, as the CryEngine has gone through some significant upgrades since the launch of Hunt: Showdown.

The new update will arrive on the 15th of August and fancy new tech won't be the only thing for players to look forward to. The new update will also include a brand new map and biome, a new UI design and other performance updates. The most interesting thing here for tech-enthusiasts is that the engine upgrade will likely give us a preview of the visuals we can expect from Crysis 4, which is currently in development.

This August update will also mark the end of the game's support on previous-gen consoles. After August 15th, the game will no longer be supported on Xbox One or PS4. However, the game is already available on Xbox Series X/S and PS5, so if you keep your account when upgrading to a current-gen console, all of your progress and unlocks will carry over with you.

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KitGuru Says: Hunt: Showdown is an underrated gem that doesn't get talked about enough. Many players will no doubt be looking forward to the visual and performance updates from this new version of the game, as well as the first brand new map in over three years. 

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