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Crytek officially announces Crysis 4

Ever since Crytek began re-releasing the Crysis trilogy in remastered form, we’ve been hoping that the studio would eventually announce a sequel. Now, that day has finally arrived, with Crytek officially announcing Crysis 4. 

The announcement initially leaked on Chinese social media, but within an hour of the leak, Crytek officially announced the game in a tweet, along with a very short logo teaser:

Unfortunately, the only other piece of information we have right now is that we’ll be going to “a new nano battlefield”, hinting that we’ll see a new cast of characters and new locations.

Now that the game is official, we should hear more in the months to come, whether through leaks or more official reveals. Previous rumours have indicated that Crysis 4 will be a battle royale game, but this was never confirmed. It is possible that Crytek also revamps Crysis multiplayer with this release with new modes.

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KitGuru Says: Crysis 4 is officially happening. Hopefully later this year, we’ll get our first look at the game with CryEngine pushed to its limits. 

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