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Crysis Twitter account reawakens as remaster rumours begin to gain traction

Hints at a Crysis remaster have been floating around for a long time, with the last one coming in March 2020, when Crytek began showcasing the latest version of CryEngine with a few scenes from the 2007 game. Now, the Crysis Twitter account has awakened after going unused for several years, giving fans more reason to hope. 

The original Crysis is regarded by many as the best in the trilogy and even now, it holds up well graphically. However, CryEngine has had some important updates in the years since, with the most recent being the addition of ray-tracing support. 

The message above was posted today, indicating that more information is soon to come. Hopefully by the end of this week, we will know more. This could also potentially be a re-release of the full trilogy packaged together, but that would likely result in a less ambitious remaster.

If efforts are focused on Crysis 1, then chances are a lot more work will go into reintroducing the game as a benchmark for high-end graphics for years to come.

KitGuru Says: Crysis was a huge moment for PC gaming, really pushing hardware to the limits and delivering far beyond what was possible on consoles at the time. Beyond that, Crysis 1 can also be looked back on as a great game. Hopefully we'll see it return soon enough, but we'll need more information from Crytek first. 

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