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Qualcomm has rejected Broadcom’s $100B+ buyout bid

Earlier this month we learned that rival chip maker, Broadcom, would be making a $130 billion bid for Qualcomm. The deal would merge the two companies, creating the third largest chip maker in the world. However, it seems that Qualcomm is not interested in selling, with reports this week saying …

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Broadcom is offering to buy Qualcomm for $130 billion

Qualcomm already has its plate full with its various legal battles against Apple, but it looks like the company is about to have another issue to deal with. This week, rival chipmaker Broadcom made an unsolicited bid to take over Qualcomm, in a deal worth $130 billion. Broadcom is offering …

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Verizon and Yahoo agree to $4.48 billion purchase price


Following lengthy debates and much fall out at the news that Yahoo had suffered a number of breaches over the past few years, a deal has been reached for the planned Verizon buyout. It won’t be quite the near $5 billion initially offered, but neither has Yahoo lost a billion …

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Razer purchased cloud-phone maker Nextbit

Razer has purchased cloud smartphone maker, Nextbit, including the rights to its Robin handset. It’s not clear right now what it is Razer plans to do with its new subsidiary, but it joins the likes of THX and Ouya, as part of a library of brands and hardware that could …

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Disney rumoured to be considering Twitter buyout


Disney may add Twitter to its list of acquisitions in recent years, joining the likes of Marvel and Star Wars, though if it did buy the social network, it would be a substantial purchase. Valued currently at $20 billion, such a buy would represent multiple years of net income, even …

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Twitter said to be in talks to sell entire company


Twitter may be in talks with a number of technology firms to see if it would be viable to sell off its entire social media platform. Although unconfirmed, Twitter has struggled with monetisation over the years and it’s not a move that would surprise many analysts. Reuters is reporting a …

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Twitch is swallowing up the entire Curse brand


Amazon owned Twitch is looking to expand its reach in the gaming world, with the acquisition of Curse, a brand of websites, multimedia channels and applications. This gives Twitch control of a number of popular websites, which together bring in over 30 million visitors a month – giving it excellent …

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Verizon may announce Yahoo buy for $5 billion later today


Although a number of organisations, companies and entities have been vying to buy up long-term online property, Yahoo, the latest rumour suggests that Verizon is the clear front runner. So much so in-fact, that a deal may be announced later today, with a suggested purchase price of around $5 billion. …

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Avast buys up AVG, could dominate free anti-virus market


Of the free anti-virus and anti-malware programs out there, Avast and AVG are two of the most popular. Now though whichever one you opt for, Avast will benefit, as it’s purchased its rival anti-virus firm for a total of $1.3 billion. It now hopes to offer “more advanced,” services to …

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Microsoft to spend $26 billion on LinkedIn buyout

Microsoft has announced that it will be buying up business-focused social network Linkedin, for a whopping $26.2 (£18.5) billion. This will be Microsoft’s biggest ever acquisition in the history of the company and is even more noteworthy because it will be purchased entirely with cash, no stock will change hands. LinkedIn …

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Regulator slams Three’s O2 buyout, demands Commission do more

The move by mobile network Three, to try and buyout other major UK network, O2, looks to have hit a snag, as the British antitrust regulator has raised concerns about a recent European Commission investigation into the merger. It described the remedies to cited problems as “materially deficient,” and wants …

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Daily Mail parent company considering Yahoo buyout

Although it may not go it alone, with talks said to be ongoing between the Daily Mail and General Trust (DMGT) and private equity firms, the parent company of the Daily Mail publication is said to be in talks with Yahoo over a potential buyout. This was confirmed by the …

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Foxconn to greatly reduce its offer to buy Sharp

For a while there, it looked like Foxconn’s $5.3 billion deal to acquire display maker Sharp was all set to go forward. However, in the late stages of negotiations, some information came to light that showed that Sharp may be carrying much more debt than Foxconn was initially led to …

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Activision now owns Major League Gaming

Major League Gaming, one of the longest standing pro-Esports organisations, is now owned almost entirely by Activison, after the board of directors agreed to sell the publishing giant most of the company’s assets for $46 million. This has annoyed some share-holders, as the move was approved – legally – without …

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Tencent now owns Riot Games, League of Legends

Although it started life as an indie developer back in the mid-00s, Riot Games has been anything but for a long time. That’s why over the past few years it’s courted investment from companies like Tencent, a Chinese game publisher and holding company. And now Riot has sold itself body …

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CD Projekt Red denies rumours regarding EA takeover

With the launch of The Witcher: Wild Hunt, CD Projekt Red has comfortably made a name for itself in the mainstream gaming market, which would make the studio quite attractive to larger publishers. GOG has also become more popular over the past year, which has spurred rumours that CD Projekt …

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Is someone going to buy Twitter?

Despite having an active user base of over 300 million people, Twitter has struggled to monetise quite like other social network giants like Facebook and it’s shed many millions of users over the years. Despite revenue growth in the short term however, investors and shareholders have not been happy, so CEO …

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Oculus buys UK VR firm to make AR possible

Facebook has purchased the British based, Surreal Vision, in order to incorporate it into Oculus VR to aid further development within virtual reality and augmented reality technologies. The company, founded by students from the Imperial College London, specialises in converting real world scenes into virtual ones through 3D cameras, thereby …

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BlackBerry cutting staff following buyout rumors

BlackBerry has fallen pretty far since its glory days several years ago. However, the company’s brand, along with its thousands of patents, are still worth a fair chunk of cash, which is why we’ve been hearing about several big tech firms looking in to acquiring the company. Microsoft, Apple and …

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