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Nvidia acquires HPC storage specialists Excelero

Nvidia's plans to buy ARM may not have gone well, but that doesn't mean there aren't other companies worth acquiring. With the ARM deal now dead, Nvidia has turned its attention to other acquisitions, starting with Excelero, an HPC storage specialist company based in Tel-Aviv.

With the acquisition of Excelero, Nvidia will acquire the company's know-how and expertise in HPC, storage and networking. Nvidia will use Excelero's knowledge to expand support for block storage in the company's enterprise software stack, which includes its clusters for high-performance computing. Any previous contracts that Excelero had with customers will be honoured.

“The Excelero team is joining NVIDIA as demand is surging for high-performance computing and AI,” said Yaniv Romem, CEO and co-founder of Excelero. “We'll be working with NVIDIA to ensure our existing customers are supported, and going forward we're thrilled to apply our expertise in block storage to NVIDIA's world-class AI and HPC platforms,” he added.

Excelero, founded in 2014, is the developer of various solutions. The most widely known is NVMesh, a software used to manage and secure virtual NVMe drive arrays as block storage in public and private clouds. The storage specialists have worked with Nvidia for a long time and even had Mellanox (owned by Nvidia) as an investor.

KitGuru says: The fruits of this acquisition will be more noticeable for professional customers, but general consumers may also see some benefits. For example, Nvidia may use Excelero technology to improve the storage infrastructure of GeForce Now, possibly reducing loading times and improving latency. 

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