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Demonoid is back

It's been down for over three months, prompting many to believe it had disappeared for good. However, today Demonoid, one of the world's biggest name torrent trackers is online once again, though the Demonoid domain still remains inactive.

The last quarter of a year has not been easy for Demonoid or its fans. First it was hit by what the admin described as a DDOS attack, which took it offline. Then Interpol targeted its hosting provider Colocall, which then took down the domain. On top of this, a criminal investigation was launched in Mexico against the site's owners and beyond that, the domains showed up for sale on SEDO.

Demonoid makes its triumphant return

However these problems are now in the past, with the admin saying to Torrentfreak: “You know how it goes with Demonoid. It might take a while but it will come back.” His point has now been proven.

When the site will come back or if it will at all is anyone's guess, but when Demonoid has been downed in the past, the tracker came back online a while before the site did, so this is par for the course with regards to this particular torrent site.

KitGuru Says: Fan reaction to this has understandably been pretty huge. Any of you guys excited that Demonoid is back?

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