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ASUS giving away ZenWatch in launch build up

The world and his dog seems to be developing their own wearable at the moment, with Microsoft announcing the impending release of its smart ‘Band,' and Apple giving its fans a reason not to buy one this Christmas. ASUS is getting in on the act too, with the upcoming release …

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Nintendo to make a sleep sensing nearable

Nintendo wants to get into the stat tracking business, with a brand new piece of hardware that sits by your bedside and keeps an eye on you while you sleep. Not with a camera mind you, but with sensors that can detect the quality of sleep you're having, as well …

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Are you ready for the next-gen… of shark trackers?

With all this talk of next-generation consoles, it's time we took a pause and considered the next-generation of more out there hardware: like the next-gen of shark tracking robots that will help us understand how reclusive species like the Great White, actually live. If you've watched shows like Shark Week, …

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Bitgamer torrent tracker shuts down


One of the world's most popular private Bittorrent trackers has closed its doors, bringing an end to a six year career in game sharing and leaving behind it over 65,000 active users that are no doubt spending the early days of 2013 trying to find a decent replacement. The reason …

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Demonoid is back


It's been down for over three months, prompting many to believe it had disappeared for good. However, today Demonoid, one of the world's biggest name torrent trackers is online once again, though the Demonoid domain still remains inactive. The last quarter of a year has not been easy for Demonoid or its …

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