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Dice catapults threaten to tidy up your board gaming

Much like gaming in general over the past few decades, board games have also been modernised. Companion applications, sound tracks and updated mechanics have all helped usher in a new age of tabletop play and now Drawlab wants to change the way we all throw dice too: with its own catapult and hammer design Dice Throwers.

Although rolling dice is a major component in many games, if there are lots of figures and bits on the board, the act of rolling can be rather dangerous. Knocking over important counters or seeing them skid off-of the tabletop can cause some real problems with gameplay. Rolling trays and dice towers offer a solution for this, but Drawlab's is much more thematic.

Currently available on Kickstarter, Legendary Dice Throwers works by placing the dice in a receptacle, before throwing them against a three sided tray. This not only rolls the dice in a more active manner than a tower, but keeps them contained too. And they look rather cool.

There are three designs to choose from should you pledge £30 or more: the catapult, which uses elastic bands to fling dice at the castle wall; a hammer, which drops them down with a satisfying swing, and the crossbow, which flings dice in a much shallower trajectory.

All of them are made from 3mm birch wood, with engravings of various elvish and dwarven designs.

Shipping for all dice throwers is expected to begin in January 2017, so don't expect to receive one of these any time soon. However the creators of this project previously delivered on their Legendary Metal Coins Kickstarter, so it would be unlikely of them not to follow through on this one.

You'll need to pony up £29 for a single dice thrower (any design) and castle wall, though you can pick them up at discounted rates if you're willing to spend more and buy more than one at a time.

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KitGuru Says: I've sworn off Kickstarter for a while as I tend to forget I even backed projects, but I'll likely grab one of these when they're available at retail, it seems like a fun concept that will make the tabletop a bit neater. 

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