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Dice catapults threaten to tidy up your board gaming

Much like gaming in general over the past few decades, board games have also been modernised. Companion applications, sound tracks and updated mechanics have all helped usher in a new age of tabletop play and now Drawlab wants to change the way we all throw dice too: with its own …

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Hand tracked, VR tabletop RPGs coming soon

Tabletop role playing and board gaming action is set to arrive in virtual reality in various guises over the next week weeks, taking some of the best elements of real world play and making them available online. There will be hand tracking, room-scale tracking and a variety of environments to …

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Games on Kickstarter raised $46 million in 2015

While crowd-funded games might not be the big news they used to be, plenty of gamers are still backing projects that they really believe in. According to the latest statistics, video game projects raised just over $46 million over the course of 2015, which is more than what was raised …

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Games Workshop could be in real financial trouble

Games Workshop has always been a polarising company. On one hand, it has for many years been the best outlet for fantasy and Sci-Fi miniatures, pushing the quality envelope and maintaining some of the most popular tabletop miniature games out there. But on the other, it’s repeatedly made moves that anger consumers …

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Games Workshop looks to be in a lot of trouble

Hey guys, you know how annoyingly weird Games Workshop usually is? You know how it seems to ignore fans, upping prices every year by crazy margins, turning its magazine into a product catalogue, punishing third party retailers and replacing its white metal models with a bubble filled, warped material? Well …

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Bioshock Infinite is a board game too

If you’ve been busy trying to win one of our giveaway Bioshock Infinite codes, or have already played your way through Irrational’s epic sky-faring adventure, you’ll probably be interested to know that it’s getting a board game treatment that’ll be released sometime in the next few months. **Mild Spoilers to follow**  Called …

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