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Games on Kickstarter raised $46 million in 2015

While crowd-funded games might not be the big news they used to be, plenty of gamers are still backing projects that they really believe in. According to the latest statistics, video game projects raised just over $46 million over the course of 2015, which is more than what was raised back in 2014 but a bit less than what was made back in 2013 when crowd-funding was still fairly new.

In total, 421 video game projects were successfully funded though some had larger funding goals than others, such as Shenmue III which made $6.3 million in total and Bloodstained which raised $5.5 million.


Board games were actually even more of a success story this year, with gamers raising close to $89 million on projects, some of which are due to release later this year. This all comes from a blog post from Kickstarter, which shows all of the figures for both video games and tabletop games.

In total, 480,382 people backed video game projects while 522,061 people backed tabletop games in 2015. Overall, it seems to have been another successful year for Kickstarter, now we just have to wait and see how many of those projects truly deliver.

KitGuru Says: Kickstarter can be a great way to raise money for a project but some have abused the platform in the past, which has resulted in a slight change in how people view crowd-funding. Did any of you back any projects in 2015? 

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