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Razer is selling its peripherals at half-price for 24 hours

Razer is running a pretty big sale over on its store today, offering Razer Insider members 50 percent off all products on its store aside from the Blade systems to celebrate CES 2016, which just ended. This means mice, keyboards and headsets will be had for significantly cheaper if you manage to get a code and order within the 24 hour window.

If you want to see when the sale officially starts, Razer has made some countdowns for different time zones. At the time of writing, the sale should begin in the EU in 13 hours, while in the US and Canada things will kick off in six hours.


Customers will need to have a Razer ID and obtain a one-use code from the promotion site, HERE. The codes are limited to one per customer to ensure that everyone gets a fair chance at buying the product they want, rather than letting people buy up the stock in bulk to sell on later.

KitGuru Says: I did buy the new Razer Mamba just a few weeks ago at full price so I may have missed out a bit here. However, this is still a great deal, especially if you have been eyeing up any Razer peripherals recently. Are any of you planning on buying anything in the sale? 

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