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Foxconn considering US fabrication plant

While it might seem a little unbelievable and unlikely, Foxconn is apparently thinking about setting up some fabrication facilities in the USA. However if this turns out to be true it would certainly need to improve its labour practices, considering the recent problems it's had with child labour and worker fatalities.

According to the report by Digitimes, that is citing “market watchers,” several cities are being considered, including: Detroit and Los Angeles. Both have strong manufacturing industries, though the former is more traditionally focused on automotive construction.

Foxconn in the US? Maybe, maybe not.

While the manufacturer would have to do things very differently than how it does in country's like China, the relatively low minimum wage in America plus the continuing issue of unemployment – a big talking point during the recent election – could make this a positive move. However it would make for quite an ironic one as well, as traditionally jobs – especially those in manufacturing -have moved away from countries like the United States in recent years, to China. With much of its production being centred around the Asian nation, Foxconn in this instance, would practically be doing the reverse.

KitGuru Says: This seems like a very unlikely thing to happen, but perhaps it's designed more as a measure to improve Foxconn's wordly image. Happy western workers would certainly go a long way to assuage the condemnation from the press in that region. What do you guys think? Do you see Foxconn setting up shop on the US shores?

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