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How to “survive” texting and typing all day

As a writer and a gamer, I spend many, many hours a day infront of a screen and tapping away a keyboard in some capacity – whether I'm writing the latest and greatest for KitGuru, or WASD'ing it and losing horrible online. One of the problems for people in this sort of professional and hobby lifestyle is not ending up with horrible posture and I've had to deal with that over the past few years too.

There's a lot you can do however and a video posted over at TechCrunch that features CrossFit's Kelly Starret, has a lot of tips for the contemporary tech enthusiast.

Guess which one is the fitness instructor?

As you might expect, improving your posture while you're in a seated position is the best step forward and it doesn't involve sitting up straight like your mum always told you. A lot of it is to with letting your muscles do the job that we often let our skeleton do. That means having a bit of tension as you sit and not letting your spine take the load. Don't under or over extend, but use your glutes and abdominals to maintain a solid position.

Don't stick with it forever though. Movement is important to keep the blood flow up. This goes as much for those standing as it does sitting.

That's us standing desk'ers. Even if you spend your day stood up – as I do – Kelly still thinks you're unlikely to be doing it right. Again, mild tension, perhaps a leg propped up in a piratical pose. There's plenty you can do.

KitGuru Says: So stay safe guys. Keep your spines healthy by moving as much as you can and don't over or under extend.

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