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Are smartphones the consoles of the future?

If you thought the Ouya was a cool little console concept, or that Microsoft's Smartglass technology was involving smartphones more than ever before, then how about combining the two? That's what Guitar Hero co-creator Charles Huang and electronics executive Matt Crowley, are hoping to do with the Green Throttle game system.

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“The mission of Green Throttle is to make great game play experiences that bring people together,” begins Huang in the debut video. “We used to play card games, be together… in your face trash talk,” continued Crowley. “You get the joy and this laughter that you don't get when playing a drawing game on your mobile device.”

Green Throttle
Green Throttle: Turning phone gaming into a real world social experience

The plan is to take the everyday smartphone and hook it up to a big screen TV. From there  gamers connect wireless controllers to the handset and play games through it as they would any other consoles. While there aren't any games for it just yet, nWay, Free Range Games, Mercenary and Monstrous are already developing titles for the platform and Green Throttle is hoping to attract more by promoting its software development kit. It is also developing several first party titles internally.

There might not be compatible games, but there are compatible handsets. Green Throttle will work on the Asus Transformer Pad, Galaxy Nexus, Samsung SII, SIII, Galaxy Note and HTX One X. iOS is in the works, but there's no release date in sight for now.

Green Throttle is expected to launch on 12th December and is currently available as a pre-order Developer bundle for just over £50.

KitGuru Says: I like the sound of this. I've already waxed lyrical about how I think Smartglass and the Wii U's gamepad will change gaming, Green Throttle could do that as well. What do you guys think?

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