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GameStop looking to claim 40 old GAME shops in France

There seems to be a peculiar trend when it comes to high street businesses. Often times if one shop goes under, another replaces it doing almost exactly the same thing. For some reason companies seem to think that just because the last business failed, doesn’t mean their near identical one will. And that’s happening again today, as Gamestop is apparently interested in taking on 40 old GAME locations in France.

This announcement was made alongside another that stated over 200 of the 250 currently open US stores would close, but would be opening 60 to 70 new ones. According to current CFO at GameStop, the point behind all this shuffling around is to close the most unprofitable locations, which will free up capital to try new ventures in new locations.

“We’ve been successful at that for two years and we will continue to do that program in 2013,” he added.

GameStop, like other worldwide game retail outlets, has struggled with the growth of online purchasing

We’ve seen this sort of thing before, with GAME announcing a few weeks ago that it might be interested in buying up old HMV locations – less than a year after its own close call with administration and bankruptcy.

KitGuru Says: Any French citizens out there care to comment on why GameStop might think you’re more of a fan of high street retail than the rest of the world? Why is everywhere else closing down but France, is seen as a hotbed of real world buying?

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