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Hideo Kojima teases new ‘HideoTube’ program coming soon

To say Hideo Kojima is a popular game developer would be an understatement. With his name attached to some people's most beloved titles from gaming history and considering his poor treatment at the hands of Konami in recent months, people like him a lot. So it will be interesting to see how popular his upcoming “HideoTube” program is when it's made available.

The long time Metal Gear Solid director teased the show in a tweet with a screengrab from an episode which doesn't tell us much, but shows a sitting Kojima along with a Hideo Tube logo. He also appears to be wearing a T-Shirt sporting the logo of his company, Kojima Productions.

As a follow up, Kojima's assistant Ayako Terashima, posted a photo of him checking the video over at an airport and even put the call out for people to volunteer as translators to add English subtitles to the video.

Although the content of the show is unknown, several other tweets from Kojima could be hinting at what it will cover. Kojima currently seems to be travelling a lot, visiting Bend studios in one instance, but it's a follow up tweet that might hint at the main content of the show.

It's also worth considering that this won't be Kojima's first show. Back when he had a better relationship with Konami, his studio would put out a show called Kojima Station once a week. Presumably any sort of new show will build off of that.

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