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Ian Livingstone is getting a CBE

Ian Livingstone, a man who's career reads like my childhood, is set to receive a CBE. He was named on the New Year's honours list, on the same day that his 63rd birthday rolled around.

If the name Livingstone rings a bell but you can't put your finger on it, perhaps you had a go with one of his fighting fantasy books back in the day? Deathtrap Dungeon is the classic, but there were many more besides it.

Ian Livingstone
I wouldn't like to count the hours I've spent with my head in a fantasy world thanks to this man

You may also know him as the man that founded Games Workshop and later Citadel Miniatures, two of the most recognisable names in the tabletop wargaming world. If not that though, then perhaps you'll remember him as a major player as at Eidos, contributing to the Tomb Raider anniversary game.

In recent years he's focused a lot of his energies on improving the teaching of computer based lessons in British schools, helping to overhaul the IT classes to have a stronger focus on programming. He also recently released a new fighting fantasy book, Blood of the Zombies, to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the series.

“I'm unbelievably happy, proud and delighted to be in the New Year Honours list to be appointed CBE,” tweeted Livingstone (via Eurogamer). “And it's my birthday today too!”

KitGuru Says: I spent so much time in my childhood playing through his fighting fantasy books. There was everyone in my class at school, reading quietly and I'm in the corner rolling a dice across the table to see if my hitpoints will last.

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