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It’s cool, put your nudes on Pinterest

One of the things that many photo sharing sites aren’t too keen on, is nudes. It’s a mine field, because you have to protect children from seeing it and then there are those who might be uploading images that aren’t of them – it’s a legal headache. So understandably, many of the sites that let users upload their own personal images, have explicitly banned them: not Pinterest.

However, the defence isn’t that the guys behind the service just love boobs, but that photographers and nude artists are missing out on being able to express themselves. “Pinterest is about expressing your passions and people are passionate about art and that may include nudes,” the site said while speaking to the Financial Times. “So we’re going to try to accommodate that.”

Much as I’d love to show you the nude ladies, you’ll have to search it out yourself

Other photo sharing sites, including social networks, have curbed their own links with nudity, due to concerns from advertisers. As with family friendly movies, there’s just more money in content that everyone can see instead of a specific group, even if the nude loving one is a particularly large one.

Facebook was hit over the past week by women’s activist groups for hosting fan pages that they said glorified sexual discrimination. The counter argument from many of those groups’ creators, was that it was all harmless fun. Facebook ultimately disbanded the groups, after several advertisers pulled sponsorship.

KitGuru Says: Good on Pinterest. It’s nice to feel like there are services out there that cater themselves to adults. Too often family friendly is considered the better business model. 

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