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Pindex is Stephen Fry’s push for curated educational media

Taking a leaf out of Pinterest’s book, Stephen Fry’s new Pindex platform is designed to make it easier for teachers and parents to find high-quality, educational media online. Some of it will be created in-house, but it will also focus on highlighting some of the better videos, articles and infographics …

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Women driving growth of all social media

If you find yourself spending a lot of the day checking Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and all sorts of other social networking sites, because there’s just so much content on there, you may have women to thank for it, as a new report from FinancesOnline shows that when it comes to …

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It’s cool, put your nudes on Pinterest

One of the things that many photo sharing sites aren’t too keen on, is nudes. It’s a mine field, because you have to protect children from seeing it and then there are those who might be uploading images that aren’t of them – it’s a legal headache. So understandably, many …

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