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Pindex is Stephen Fry’s push for curated educational media

Taking a leaf out of Pinterest's book, Stephen Fry's new Pindex platform is designed to make it easier for teachers and parents to find high-quality, educational media online. Some of it will be created in-house, but it will also focus on highlighting some of the better videos, articles and infographics out there, providing a useful resource for many.

“I started Pindex out of frustration with the dull, dry material my 10-year-old daughter would bring home from school,” said co-founder John Leaver (via the Telegraph). With a strong background in video production, Leaver's arm of the operation will make sure content production is of a high quality, while Mr Fry's part in the equation will be in creative direction.

He's also the star of the company's first in-house production: a two minute video discussing the Large Hadron Collider, dark matter and extra dimensions.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXWWgZ-nnEs']

This short video is designed as an introduction to the LHC and Pindex itself, suggesting that viewers then head to the main Pindex.com website to learn more. There they can find categories on various scientific endeavours, leading down a rabbit hole of information that can provide teachers, students and parents with plenty of resources for education.

In-line with gaming and some websites, there will also be achievements for learning. Reading articles, watching videos and bettering your knowledge of a subject will grant you  badges and awards, helping incentivise the whole process.

Other content currently promoted on Pindex includes information on the Elon Musk pushed Hyperloop, videos on chemical bonding and waves, as well as a series of all the best TED talks in one location. It has future plans to invite Youtubers and bloggers to create content specifically for Pindex, in order to target younger audiences and to provide a wide range of informative media on the site.

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KitGuru Says: This seems like quite a solid plan, as it can often be frustrating to separate the wheat form the chaff of online media, especially when it comes to documentaries and educational content. 

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