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MultiVersus Season 1 launches next week

MultiVersus has had a great reception since launching its open beta earlier this summer. The game's first season was unfortunately delayed ‘indefinitely' at the start of the month, but the developers have quickly been able to polish things up for launch, which will now be happening next week.  In an …

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Netflix is stalling overseas: pricing and content blamed

Netflix might be a global powerhouse in the online streaming game, but its major success still lies in the U.S., where its content is richest and its pricing is competitive. Elsewhere in the world though, where that isn't always the case, it's growth is stuttering. Last week it was reported …

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Pindex is Stephen Fry’s push for curated educational media

Taking a leaf out of Pinterest's book, Stephen Fry's new Pindex platform is designed to make it easier for teachers and parents to find high-quality, educational media online. Some of it will be created in-house, but it will also focus on highlighting some of the better videos, articles and infographics …

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Reddit clarifies content rules in new CEO address

Since the ousting of Ellen Pao at discussion site Reddit, new CEO (and original founder) Steve Huffman has been adamant about improving lines of communication between site admins and the community. To that end he spent a lot of time late yesterday discussing just what is ok and what is not …

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Twitch implements dress code for streamers

Do you like to do your game streaming topless? If so, you may need to find yourself another site to do it on other than Twitch, as the now-Amazon owned property has announced its own dress code. You don't have to wear anything in particular, but you do have to …

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UK finally makes it ok to rip your CDs, DVDs

If there's any clearer indicator that the copyright law is falling far behind the pace of modern technological advancements, it's the fact that the UK has only just made the practice of ripping personally owned digital content from physical media like CDs, DVDs and others, legal. Until now, while the law …

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Gamestop wants to fund unique in-game content

Pre-order bonuses or those exclusive to specific retailers have been getting a bit ridiculous as of late. Watch Dogs showed us the new extremes of the segregated content and it may be set to get even more convoluted, as high street retailer Gamestop, wants to help fund game development in …

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Facebook buys video ad-firm Liverail for half billion

Facebook has been throwing its financial weight around this week once again, announcing the purchase of yet another firm, this one a video advertising company called LiveRail. Costing the social network a reported $500 million (£291 million), it's expected that Facebook will leverage its content matching technology to add relevant adverts …

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NSA admits to loophole spying on Americans

When the NSA spying revelations were first revealed, it was clear American metadata was being used when it came to tracking down terrorists – though it wasn't particularly useful – but Obama and others made bold statements that suggested “nobody [at the NSA] is listening to [American] telepohone calls.” However now …

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Would you pay for a Youtube channel subscription?


Some of Youtube's most popular content creators have been approached by the video sharing site and asked to put forward proposals for the sort of programming they could make available on a pay-per-subscription based channel system, that could see users pay between £0.60 and £3.00 a month to watch their …

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Sony could launch its own internet TV channels

Sony TV

While it still remains a bit of a rumour at this point, Sony is said to be looking to launch its own internet based TV channels and is currently talking with “at least two” major content creators to secure the rights to their programming. This bit of hear say comes …

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