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Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire expansion announced

Guild Wars 2 is still going strong and those still playing are about to be greeted with a ton of new content alongside a heavy dose of nostalgia. Today, ArenaNet announced Path of Fire, Guild Wars 2’s second expansion, which aside from adding all new content, will also bring back two zones from the original Guild Wars.

Path of Fire will take players back to a familiar location- the Crystal Desert region, which appeared in the original Guild Wars. On top of that, you will also be able to return to Elon, which was the focus of the Guild Wars: Nightfall expansion. In total, there will be five new open-world zones to explore alongside nine new elite specialisations for characters.

Here is the synopsis for this expansion: “Balthazar, the human god of war and fire, threatens the Crystal Desert and adjoining kingdom of Elona with his Forged legions. Players saw through the course of Living World Season 3 that Balthazar is determined to hunt Elder Dragons–and now he and his armies have invaded the desert to do just that. Now, Tyria's fate hangs by a thread as players race to the desert to hunt down the rogue god before he can do any more damage to the delicate balance of magic.”

The Path of Fire expansion on its own will cost $30 and will be available from the 22nd of September. According to ArenaNet, this expansion is very heavy on content, so there should be a lot for players to sink into. If you don’t already own Guild Wars 2, then you can get the base game and expansion bundle for $50.

KitGuru Says: I didn’t manage to get into Guild Wars 2 but I did thoroughly enjoy Guild Wars 1 back in the day. Do many of you play Guild Wars 2? Will you be jumping back in for this new expansion?

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