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Sony could launch its own internet TV channels

While it still remains a bit of a rumour at this point, Sony is said to be looking to launch its own internet based TV channels and is currently talking with “at least two” major content creators to secure the rights to their programming.

This bit of hear say comes from Variety magazine, which claims that Sony is aiming to launch this service towards the end of the year; initially just in the US, but branching out after that. Apparently it will be an offering similar to companies like Sky, with predetermined programming, though people will access it via the internet.

I don't mean to be a party pooper, but with the growth of streaming and on-demand content, doesn't a predetermined schedule sound like a step backwards?

Sony TV
Would you guys use a PS3 or Vita to watch some Sony TV?

Presumably Sony will make this service accessible through the PS3, as with its continued push for more media centric features, it would make sense. It would also give Sony a good base to launch from.

It wouldn't be alone though, as many other companies have started pushing for this sort of tech or have already begun their ventures. Google Fiber offers a TV/broadband package in Kansas City and there are rumours that other companies like Intel and Dish could also be interested in entering the virtual TV market. All of this requires people to still watch TV though, which of course a lot of people do, but if the explosion of companies like Netflix has shown us anything, it's that a lot of people really prefer streaming, on demand content.

While Sony has yet to comment on this rumour, it will be interesting to see how it affects Sony's public image and stock price, since with the recently appointed CEO, Kazuo Hirai, it was hoped he would be able to turn around the company's poor fortunes over the past few years.

KitGuru Says: While I was never a big TV watcher myself, I've completely stopped now. I have Netflix, iPlayer. If it wasn't for my girl watching some programs still, I'd have scrapped our licensing fee ages ago.

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