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Now you can have your own movie streaming site, for $200

It used to be the case that setting up a streaming TV and movie site wasn’t easy, it could take hours and hours of work, sometimes turning into a full time job just updating links, selling ad space and keeping one step ahead of the authorities. While you still have to do the latter two if you ever want to make money at it, the set up looks to have gotten a lot easier. One group of clever chaps has begun selling a custom content management system known as TVStreamCMS, which offers freely and regularly updated movie and TV show links, IMDB interaction for plenty of thumbnails and information on the media and a nice low price tag, of $200 for the base version.


“The best Movie/TV Shows CMS ever made that revolutionizes the way we make TV Streaming Sites,” reads the site’s blurb. “TVStreamCMS automatically adds movies and episodes into the database to save you months and years of hard work. No need to add Movies one by one or to wait all night or all day to add an episode right when it comes out.”

It offers a variety of different packages, many of them based around already existing streaming sites like SideReel and Primewire. Oddly though a lot of the site’s images don’t work, specifically for all of the product pages. Torrent Freak has also unearthed some dodgy elements of the site, including claims by users that it ripped a lot of its content from a similar project known as TVSS, that scripts don’t work correctly and that broken content packages weren’t refunded.

We’ve attempted to contact the owners of the site for comment and will update this story if we hear back from them.

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KitGuru Says: It goes without saying that we wouldn’t recommend using a service like this. Not only do you open yourself up for potential copyright infringement legal action, but it sounds like there might be something shady going on with the owners anyway. 

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