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Synology announces two new NAS devices

Synology, a company dedicated to creating high performance, reliable and cost effective NAS solutions has announced two new devices- the DS414j and EDS14. The former is a 4 bay NAS device aimed at home users who require up to 20TB of storage, while the latter is an all new device aimed at the surveillance market.

The DS414j is the successor to the DS413j, featuring a retro looking black chassis, dual core CPU, floating point and USB 3.0 making it the fastest and most powerful J series NAS from Synology to date. The drive is available now for £258 including VAT here in the UK and €250 excluding VAT in the rest of Europe. The drive is available globally but there is no word on US pricing just yet.


The EDS14 is a brand new device rather than an update to a previous model, It’s a diskless, compact and shock-proof storage device. It comes with the famous DSM built in which makes it a simple plug & play NAS device. This one is also available globally for £154 including VAT here in the UK and €150 excluding VAT for the rest of Europe. This device is also available globally but unfortunately we don't have the US pricing.

KitGuru Says: If you're in the market for a NAS device then these might be worth considering. Expect a review from us soon. Do any of you guys currently use a NAS drive?

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