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MEGA finishes up beta, brings big updates

Encrypted cloud storage site, MEGA, founded by internet entrepreneur and extradition warrior Kim Dotcom, has announced the end of its long running beta, bringing with it, a host of new features and changes that should see the site evolve into its next iteration.

Some of the new features announced on the company's blog include:

  • A new user interface that helps cut back on CPU overhead, producing a faster navigation experience, as well as adding tabs for commonly accessed folders like cloud drive, rubbish bit etc.


  • Faster load times thanks to more optimised coding
  • Local caching, meaning logins should be far faster after the first time
  • Profile images are now available, making it easier to see who's on your contacts list at a glance
  • Improved contact management: You can now see the numbers of files you're sharing with each friend, as well as any file updates
  • A Firefox Extension has been added, which should have a host of improvements over the web version. By bypassing the browser, the extension should allow for faster data writes and it allows you to download entire folder structures.

There are also some upcoming updates expected later this month, including an iOS app and a sync client. Next year, expect some really new features though, in the form of encrypted messaging services and encrypted chat, along with secure voice and audio calls. Dotcom has previously said that if his service came under the jurisdiction of the NSA, he would move it to somewhere where the spy group couldn't lean on it, thereby keeping user data private.

KitGuru Says: I haven't used MEGA before but I'm thinking about it as a potentially easy way to distribute my book for free. Any of you got accounts there? What do you think?

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