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Windows 10 preview testing resumes

Microsoft officially released Windows 10 to the masses a few weeks back but that doesn't mean the preview testing is over. Microsoft is now focussing on regular updates for the operating system and it wants those in the Windows Insider Program to help test them in on-going preview builds of …

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Google and Samsung plan monthly security updates for Android

Android is great for many things but unfortunately, security isn't really on that list. However, Google and Samsung are looking to improve things by providing monthly over the air updates to device owners, patching up security holes and tackling the problem head on. Google announced its monthly OTA update scheme …

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Paradox on piracy: service over security

Every game developer and publisher knows that at least a portion of their player base is going to be composed of people that didn't pay. In the past, they've tried to stop this with CD keys, code wheels and invincible scorpions that chase you around the map, but Paradox does …

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Youtube acknowledges G+ integration didn’t fix comments

We talked about some of the problems hitting the Youtube comment system since Google forced its G+ integration on the user base, with Bob and his tank taking over most videos comment sections. However things have gotten worse since then, with swathes of ASCII art pornography being copy pasted across …

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Nintendo Direct announcements

Another month, another Nintendo Direct presentation. This time we've been given quite a bit of 3DS news ranging from features and software updates to game releases. We start off with some Zelda: A Link Between Worlds news. First we're introduced to three new characters: Irene the Witch- She is there …

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MEGA finishes up beta, brings big updates

Encrypted cloud storage site, MEGA, founded by internet entrepreneur and extradition warrior Kim Dotcom, has announced the end of its long running beta, bringing with it, a host of new features and changes that should see the site evolve into its next iteration. Some of the new features announced on …

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