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Google may have a plan to send latest Android to non-Nexus devices

When it comes to Android, Google has lost the reigns a bit over the years with many OEMs and networks tinkering with Google's software and slowing down the update process quite a bit. As a result of this, you have typically required a Google Nexus smartphone to ensure that you will get the latest version of the OS upon release but that could be changing this year.

According to new reports, Google may be expanding its Android Beta program to include devices made by third-party OEMs, this would mean that non-Nexus devices could potentially get the latest version of Android at the same time as the latest Nexus smartphones.


This information comes from a Reddit user that dug around in the code for the current developer beta for Android N. The evidence comes from the following note, which reads: “Accompanying Android Beta program for consumers, starting later in the preview – more supported devices, including devices from OEM partners – seamless OTAs for your devices, from initial release to final N release without flashing.”

So those who own perhaps a Samsung or a Sony smartphone could opt-in to get updates directly from Google instead, in order to get the latest Android features faster and bypassing networks and OEMs that slow down the process. This might not pan out but this at least shows that Google is exploring its options in order to get updates out to users quicker.

KitGuru Says: Google has been working to take back control of Android and lessen the amount of fragmentation that occurs in the market for a while. Delivering updates to non-Nexus smartphones itself could help that a great deal. Would you like to be able to get Android updates straight from Google even on smartphones from the likes of Samsung, HTC or Sony? 

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