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Kinect 2.0 makes redeeming codes easy

If you were wondering how fast you could redeem a code using Kinect 2.0, then keep reading as Microsoft's Major Nelson released a Vine video showing off the Kinect feature.

In the video, Major Nelson is holding up a QR code for Xbox Live Gold and asks Kinect to redeem it, the camera then registers the code and the whole process takes less than six seconds putting an end to horribly long redeem codes and having to check for mistakes. Using Vine was a good move as the app limits you to six solid seconds of video meaning the action has to be performed swiftly.


This new stunt from Microsoft helps show off how much faster the new Kinect is compared to the old one. Kinect on the Xbox 360 was usually a frustrating experience with its slow times and how long it took to register your body in the camera and even its voice recognition was iffy in a living room environment. This Kinect 2.0 has potential to be everything that the first Kinect should've been.

Xbox One releases in most territories on November 22nd and comes bundled with Kinect 2.0.

Kitguru Says: If the Kinect is actually good this time around then maybe more console buyers will actually use it. I do think Kinect is a cool idea as long as it works, the games last generation were pretty lame but maybe Microsoft's second try will change users minds. 

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