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Microsoft release PC drivers for Xbox One controller

Microsoft has been promising to up its PC support recently but many were surprised to find that the Xbox One controller didn’t support the PC on or even near release despite the success of the Xbox 360 controller on the platform. However, Microsoft has now released the PC drivers for …

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Digital Xbox 360 games are cheap today only

Microsoft is having an Xbox 360 sale today, with digital games priced down significantly. Almost everything up for grabs is at least two thirds off, with everything from AAA critically lauded titles like Dishonored and Portal 2, to Xbox Live Arcade games like Bastion and Guardians of Middle Earth. Announced …

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Early Xbox One owner invited to console launch

The past few days must seem like a dream to Youtube user Moonlightswami. First he posts up a video showing off his newly arrived Xbox One console – which retailer Target accidently shipped out early – which led to his machine receiving the “banned,” message that a few other customers did. …

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Kinect 2.0 makes redeeming codes easy

If you were wondering how fast you could redeem a code using Kinect 2.0, then keep reading as Microsoft’s Major Nelson released a Vine video showing off the Kinect feature. In the video, Major Nelson is holding up a QR code for Xbox Live Gold and asks Kinect to redeem …

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Xbox One day one update will take about 20 minutes

Microsoft dug itself into quite a hole earlier this year with its Xbox One reveal. It wasn’t so much that every idea was bad, family sharing would have been pretty cool, but other than that all of the restrictions and privacy concerns with Kinect just didn’t seem worth it. After …

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