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Netflix offers quad-streaming subscription plan

Netflix is set to offer a new £8 a month service, which while offering the same content to users, allows them to simultaneously stream from the service in four separate locations. The idea is for families to be able to watch different media around the house or t0 accommodate roommates that have differing tastes.

Wired also gives a nod to those that share their password among friends in order for them too to enjoy the service, but while the writer there suggests that would make the account holder cheap, surely it in-fact makes them generous and the sponging friend is the cheap one?

Sharing your account details around can really mess with your recommendations however…

Until now, Netflix restricted users to two simultaneous streams only, as it understandably didn’t want people taking advantage of its simple service. However now with the slightly costlier system, Netflix is relaxing its rules a little. It also means that there is likely to be less of a drop off in service if current household inhabitants move away or change living arrangements, as they can still utilise the account and this should therefore also mean increased viewing numbers for Netflix, which is the only way its going to ever bring an end to the current Sky movie monopoly in the UK.

KitGuru Says: I still think it’s amazing Sky is allowed to buy exclusivity for movies for such a long period over Sky and Love Film. Surely that’s anti-competitive?

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