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Facebook cinema stream shut down by Dutch anti-piracy group

While some lobby groups are still railing against the dangers of torrent sites and downloading, many around the world have moved on to much newer ways to watch protected content: like Facebook live streams. Looking to stay on top of emerging trends however is Dutch anti-piracy group, BRIEN, which has shut …

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JJ Abrams developing Portal and Half Life movies

As much as there are still a lot of people with their fingers crossed that one day Valve will release an update to its Half Life and Portal Universes, it may be that the stories are expanded through movies next. There's been rumours of both hitting the big screen at …

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Tesco is giving up on Blinkbox

Over the last few months, Tesco has been winding down on its loss-making digital download service, Blinkbox. The movie watching side of the business was sold off to TalkTalk a few weeks ago but Tesco still owned Music and Books services, which are now either being sold off or shut …

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Google to make big push for legitimate media sources

Google has announced that in the near future, its search features are going to cater much more to legitimate sources of media than it does currently, promising that some of the world's most popular and stubborn pirate sites will no longer feature anywhere near as high in the rankings as …

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Visibility, not illegal-downloads affects movie sales

One of the oldest arguments on the internet, is whether the illegal download of movies negatively affects sales numbers, especially when it comes to downloads during the film's theatrical run. Movie studios understandably claim that there's a direct correlation between a download and a lost sale, while pirates argue that illegal …

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Netflix UK gets Disney catalogue

Netflix users in the UK are pretty underprivileged compared to our American cousins (which is why I'd normally recommend you change your DNS settings to gain access to the bigger library) but in terms of Disney movies, not any more: the catalogue of films has now been added to the British …

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Netflix offers quad-streaming subscription plan

Netflix is set to offer a new £8 a month service, which while offering the same content to users, allows them to simultaneously stream from the service in four separate locations. The idea is for families to be able to watch different media around the house or t0 accommodate roommates that have differing tastes. Wired also …

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Danny Boyle: 3D movies a “phase”


While 3D movies are a popular additional feature of many big movie releases at the moment, not everyone thinks so, audiences and content producers alike. One big name that doesn't think they'll be around forever is Danny Boyle. Describing himself as appreciative of what some directors have done with it, …

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Despite piracy, US box office takes in $10 billion in 2012

The Avengers

Throughout 2012 we had a lot of attacks on piracy. There was the blocking of sites like The Pirate Bay, the confiscation of a nine year old girl's laptop, porn stars going after torrent users and loads more. However despite the number of anti-piracy stories, we've also had BitTorrent Inc. …

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Lovefilm cuts back streaming offerings

LoveFilm Instant

One of the big selling points of a streaming library is the sheer number of films and TV shows it offers. Today Lovefilm's total dropped by more than 60, as it axed Doctor Who and a plethora of other shows. This marks an about face by Lovefilm – once owned …

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