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New to League of Legends? You’ll want to keep this handy

In a game like League of Legends, where time is of the essence, you’ll often come across acronyms and abbreviations. This can be confusing, especially if you’re just starting out and you don’t have a history of context to draw on to figure out what it might mean. You don’t necessarily want to ask and get called a “bronze,” or some other nonsense, so maybe you stay quiet. With this rundown of LoL slang and code words, you won’t need to.

A lot of them of course are self explanatory. Any gamer worth his salt will understand what FPS and GG mean, but CS? Farm? CC? Blue? Red? These are less likely to be part of your lexicon if you haven’t been playing long.

It’s worth noting what top, mid and bot mean too. Source: FrontTowardsGamer

This is why the list produced by HolyGrenade is a handy one to skim through as a nooby. Here’s a few choice ones that are worth remembering:

  • B – The command used when teleporting back to base. Also used in chat to tell a team of this.
  • CS – Short for “creep score”. Represents total number of minions killed during a game.
  • CC – Short for Crowd control, an ability that restrains an enemy champion, or reduces their ability to attack. Stuns, slows, etc.
  • Farm – To focus on killing minions.
  • Leash – When champions help the jungler kill neutral creatures. Often occurs early.
  • OOM – Out of mana. When a champion has barely any mana to cast an ability.
  • Split pushing – When one champion pushes a lane while the other team is distracted.
  • Tri-bush – A specific bush in Blue side’s jungle that’s a favourite for junglers. Supports ward this as well as river bush.

There’s also a long list of shortened names for each champion in the game and some of the more common items. Have a look if there’s a term or two you haven’t ever had the guts to ask what it meant.

KitGuru Says: There was plenty that I never asked people about for a long time when I played. I still occasionally forget what CS stands for, even if I know what it essentially means. 

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  1. Tri-bush is not just on blue side but is also on the top lane of purple side too. It’s symmetrical. Often also called Y-bush on bot lane.