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New Zealanders asked if Kim Dotcom should be extradited

While the world over has been arguing about whether Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom should be extradited from his adopted home of New Zealand, nobody has asked his neighbours what they think. Now though, a NZ news organisation has and the results are somewhat undecided.

3 News asked around 1,000 Kiwis about what they thought of Dotcom and whether he should be extradited to the US. Apparently, the consensus is that they want him to stay, with 48 per cent voting in favour of him not being extradited. However, it was quite a close call, with 42 per cent suggesting that in-fact he should be sent abroad to face trial.

Of the remaining 10 per cent, most said that they weren’t sure or didn’t know enough about the situation. They abstained.

Dotcom has been busy on Twitter recently, giving out voucher codes for Mega

Really though, whether the public want him to stay or not, a lot of it comes down to the fact that Dotcom was given citizenry of New Zealand, which gives him as much rights as any one else living there. This also meant that the spying against him was illegal and ultimately the warrant for his arrest too.

KitGuru Says: I can understand where everyone’s coming from in the extradition query. Some people probably see Dotcom as bringing unwanted attention on the island nation, while others see him as a champion for digital rights and down under internet access. 

Where do you guys stand on the argument?

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