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Kim Dotcom lays down $500 prize: film US envoy

It’s all about Kim Dotcom today isn’t it? First it was asking whether New Zealanders actually liked the chap and now we’re talking about the media mogul’s latest twitter competition. This one though has the potential to get interesting, as he’s asking New Zealanders to film the US attorney general, Eric Holder (or Joe Biden) while they visit New Zealand.

According to Dotcom, Holder is responsible for letting off US banks that caused the financial crisis, because he believes they are too big too fail. On top of that, Dotcom claims it was Holder’s Department of Justice, that allowed Megaupload to be seized in the first place, by meddling with the law.


To get back at him for this, Dotcom is now offering $500 (presumably New Zealand) for anyone that is able to film Holden or vice president Joe Biden (who Dotcom also believes was involved in the Megaupload shutdown) while the Megaupload song plays. That particular song was released in late 2011, mere weeks before Dotcom was arrested and his cloud file locker website Megaupload was taken down. The song received millions upon millions of views and helped catapult Megaupload from a popular internet service, into a mainstream, household name.

If you fancy having a crack at this competition – look out for security around these gentlemen, as you don’t want to be perceived as a threat to these high ranking individuals – Holder will be in New Zealand next week to meet with attorney generals from several other countries, including: Australia, United States, Canada, England/Wales and Northern Ireland.

KitGuru Says: This sounds like the kind of competition that is going to get people arrested. If you do attempt it, please be careful. 

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