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Former US attorney general claims deal with Snowden possible

When Edward Snowden fled the US to China and ultimately Russia in 2013, after releasing documents to publications like The Guardian and The Intercept, it seemed likely that he would never be able to return home. Branded as a traitor by the Obama administration and various international intelligence agencies, his …

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Apple Music under investigation for anti-trust practices

Apple Music is barely off of the ground and already it's under investigation by the attorney generals of two separate US states, for potential anti-trust practices. Both New York and Connecticut are looking into Apple's affairs, to see if it offered incentives or threatened music labels into supporting its new …

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Kim Dotcom lays down $500 prize: film US envoy

It's all about Kim Dotcom today isn't it? First it was asking whether New Zealanders actually liked the chap and now we're talking about the media mogul's latest twitter competition. This one though has the potential to get interesting, as he's asking New Zealanders to film the US attorney general, …

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