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Omaze continues online fundraising with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Omaze, the site that works like a mashup of a charity auction and Kickstarter, may still be in beta, but that doesn't mean it isn't bringing in big names to help good causes. The latest addition to its roster of potential experiences, is hanging out with, working out with and driving a tank with Arnold Schwarzenegger. He also dressed up with a set of fake hair and moustache, because why not?

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LUv3kbmNfg']

To be in with a chance of getting in bed with Arnold (figuratively, no guarantee of actual bedding is given) for the day, you'll need to buy a raffle ticket on Omaze's site. Each ticket you buy, gives you a certain reward, as well as a single entrance into the prize draw to see who will win the experience. However, the more you pledge, the cheaper the tickets are and the immediate rewards go up too.

Some of the prizes on offer include an autographed picture of Arnold in his bodybuilding prime, arm bands, tshirts with tanks on and for those willing to drop a lot of money down, say $20,000 – how annoyed would you be if you didn't win at that point – you can get an autographed, limited edition Conan sword.

“Get to da charity auction!”

This is all to benefit the After School All Stars organisation, which helps kids with after school programs year round. Arnold's big part in it is that he likes their fitness regimes and sports programs.

KitGuru Says: Bear in mind if you're thinking of entering, the winner gets to go with a friend too and you'll be able to take pictures, so you'll be able to say you hung out with Arnold for the day AND have a witness to prove it. 

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