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Ouya’s E3 appearance is an odd one too

Last Friday we heard how Nintendo was going to be holding mini-E3s around the US at Best Buy stores, showing off unreleased Wii U games to the public as well as or instead of the journos at the actual event. Ouya are doing something a bit different too. Its E3 event will take place in the car park opposite the convention centre.

While this hasn’t been officially announced by Ouya yet, an internal email was sent from the head of developers relations at the company to developers: “You’ll be able to demo your games to media, E3 attendees, and random people on the street. Ouya’s E3 location will be 100 percent open to the public.”

Everyone washed their hands before this, right?

This seems to be the vibe Nintendo is trying to put out there too: letting Joe gamer have a go on what it has to offer, instead of focusing on the journos at the conference who aren’t the ultimate customer base that Ouya or Nintendo are targeting.

Ouya on the other hand, has even less reason to cater to the press, since early reviews of its dev kits were not too kind, suggesting that the Android console was underpowered. Getting the machine in the hands of gamers who can play the games and get a feel for it themselves, is much more likely to impress than handing a slightly newer version of the machine over to the press at E3 major.

KitGuru Says: This seems like quite a smart move and makes the companies that do it look more in touch than those that restrict themselves to the E3 halls.

[Cheers Kotaku]

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