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Sony registers PlayStation TV trademark

While we might all be aware of Microsoft’s efforts to take over the living room viewing experience and Apple’s plans are all too obvious with the AppleTV, no one quite expected Sony to be doing something similar – or at least that’s how it appears, since the Japanese firm just registered the PlayStation TV trademark.

Of course this could just be an instance of Sony covering its bets; registering it just in-case in the future Sony wants to tackle the market. However, it’s not like Sony is a stranger to the television area of the business. It might not be the dominant force in display technology that it once was, but it’s been part of the living room far longer than Microsoft or Apple, so it could be interesting to see what it comes up with.


It’s not like Sony is coming late to the party though. It’s held this trademark since 2006, but according to VGLeaks it let it slip this year, forcing the re-registration – which took place on 26th June.

KitGuru Says: Not much in the way of concrete information on this yet, but an interesting bit of news. While Sony has spent a lot of time countering Microsoft’s fumbles in the past couple of months, do you think it will expand more into the realm of TV viewing with its PS4?

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