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Zuckerberg’s sister annoyed at Facebook privacy issue

The sister of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Randi Zuckerberg, has complained that a photo of hers that included much of the Zuckerberg family, appeared on Twitter, saying that she didn’t intend the picture for anyone outside of the family.

The Telegraph reports that this all came about when a friend of a Zuckerberg family member saw the picture on her Facebook feed – it depicts the Zuckerberg’s reacting to the new iPhone “Poke” app. while Mark looks sociable in the background – and reposted it to Twitter. Miss Zuckerberg wasn’t pleased with this, saying that she wasn’t sure how the picture had come into the other woman’s possession, but that it was “uncool” of her to repost it.

Privacy is dead, right Mark?

Considering Randi Zuckerberg worked for Facebook until last year, you’d assume she’d have a pretty solid understanding of how the social network worked.

However, this does highlight privacy concerns often pointed at by Facebook critics, who suggest that the site isn’t clear about what’s being shared with who and that it doesn’t do enough to protect individual users from disseminating too much information about themselves.

Miss Zuckerberg has said that this has nothing to do with privacy settings though and more to do with “human decency.”

KitGuru Says: What do you guys think? Human decency? Or Facebook privacy settings that even an ex employee doesn’t have a handle on?

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