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Ouya unboxing video appears online

After several million in funding and months of waiting, fans of the tea cup sized, kick started console, Ouya, can now get their first look at what the development kit looks like. It’s not the final version that gamers will receive but the dev kit, so there are a few differences, but in essence, this is the Ouya.

It starts out with a small black box, that opens up to a letter, thanking the developer for believing in the Ouya and reminding any gamers that ordered early that as it stands, there are no games on the platform. Yet.

Popping the box open further, there’s a pair of controllers which feature clear plastic casings and the usual features you would expect from a console controller. However they also have removable covers on the hand grips that will allow for customisation, as well as giving access to the batteries.

The console itself is similarly made with clear plastic and features a new micro USB connector along with a single standard USB port, another for HDMI and the DC input. The console is then compared size wise to a standard coffee mug and confirmed as a 7.5cm cube.

The case is easily openable, as the creators want developers to make hardware as much as software modifications to the internals. However a fan has now been added as standard – no word on what that will produce noise wise – to help those that want extra performance from the little console, achieve it.

Finally, it’s confirmed by the developers that within the box you also receive plenty of cables, one for each of the ports on the Ouya.

KitGuru Says: The launch of the Ouya comes hand in hand with Steam’s Big Picture as some of the most potentially disruptive tech to the traditional gaming market that’s come along in a while. It’s going to be interesting to see what sort of impact they have in 2013.

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  • kieran

    I think the decider on whether this will succeed is the developers, other than that it will be awesome and ill definitely be getting one, will probably pre-order soon, I hope we get some ported android apps not just games, things such as skype, browsers