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Dirk Meyer moves from AMD: Dirk Shirked? – KitGuru Exclusive

In a shocking revelation coming at the end of the most successful CES in more than a decade, KitGuru has learned that Dirk Meyer will not be in charge of AMD for 2011.

Likely to be announced in the Wall Street Journal and Financial Times over the next 72 hours, the news comes as a big surprise to the technology industry assembled in Las Vegas.

The timing could not be more bizarre. As AMD prepares to post a massive increase in sales, the finger has been pointed at Dirk.

Dirk Meyer: always a smile for the camera

The full truth will come out later, but it would seem that AMD’s old guard can’t generate enough wins against Intel, while the graphics and chipset teams (largely ex-ATI) are winning with Radeon and Fusion.

Expect an announcement on a successor shortly.

KitGuru says: Dramatic move – but if AMD wants to achieve Fortune 500 status – then changes needed to be made

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